The Huffman Neighborhood Association

Working with residents to energize and enhance livability in our neighborhood.

The Huffman Neighborhood Association normally meets every 4th Monday of the month at Cornerstone School, 959 Huffman Road, Birmingham, AL 35215. Meet and greet starts at 6:45pm and the meeting starts at 7pm.
Due to COVID-19, in person meetings have been postponed. Email to register for online Zoom Meetings.

Executive & Neighborhood Committees

Executive Committee

Huffman Neighborhood Association Officer Ted


Ted Debro

Huffman Neighborhood Association Officer Kenton

Vice President

Kenton Kennedy

Huffman Neighborhood Association Officer Jeff


Jeff Barton

City Services Committee

Patrick Rhodes

This committee is concerned with the existence and support of public services for residents, such as parks, schools, police & fire stations, libraries, and other amenities.

Gathering Places Committee

Jamesel Lewis

This committee is concerned with public gathering places, including parks, plazas, sidewalks, and shops.

Getting Around Easily Committee

Ivan Holloway

This committee is concerned with how easily our community accommodates movement to, from, and within it, whether on foot, by bicycle, public transit, or private vehicle.

Housing Choices Committee

C.D. Stallworth

This committee is concerned with our community’s housing choices (houses, condos, apartments).

Part of the Whole Committee

Scott Douglas

This committee asks, “How does Huffman Neighborhood stand out at the same time it stays connected to the city’s wider community?

Safe Streets Committee

Glean McAuley

This committee is concerned with ensuring that streets are a pleasant and safe part of the neighborhood, free from crime, traffic, speeding, or excessive noise.

Special Character Committee

K.Kennedy & A.Santiago

This committee is focused on Huffman’s “special character”: its physical setting, streets, buildings, open spaces, history, culture and the people who live here. Included in these concerns are neighborhood communications & events, pride & upkeep, and protection of Huffman’s natural beauty.

Walk to shops Committee

Willie Brown

A great neighborhood has everyday stores and services within an easy, 5-10 minute walk from home, including corner groceries, day care, cafes & restaurants, banks, dry cleaners, and bakeries. This committee is concerned with local, easily-accessible amenities.
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